SkinBase IPL (intense pulse light) for hair removal and skin repair that works available now at Revitalize Crystal Palace, please contact us for booking

Microblading Semi–Permament Makeup


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Laser IPL hair removal

Laser IPL hair removal & Advanced medical skincare is now available at our Crystal Palace branch, please email us for further information.

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ARK Skincare

  • Signature "Skin Response" facial 60 minutes £60

    The ARK Signature 'Skin Response' facial is designed to comabat the internal and external environmental factors that lead to premature aging: free radical acitivity, inflamantion, dehydration, break down of collagen, wekaend immunity and loss of hormones.

  • Back skin response facial 60 minutes £65

    This treatment combines a muscle easing massage with a reviving body scrub and facial for the back. The facial is designed to work on dry and/or congested skin or breakout areas.

  • Express facial 30 minutes £30

    Pick me up hydrating facial, for those who have little time for themselves

  • Skin Base-microdermabrasion face and body £50

    Microdermabrasion leaves your skin feeling super clean and fresh with a healthy glow after one treatment. This treatment is a gentle exfoliation removing the outermost layers of your skin giving fantastic results over a course of treatments. Treats- pigmentation, scarring, acne, stretch marks, sun damage skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Caci – non surgical facelift

Caci is a non surgical facelift that was found over 25years ago for people with bels palsy.

Dr Thomas Wing realised that the treatment worked more effectively on the problem side.

This treatment is a rejuvenating facial targeted to tighten tone and lift every muscle in the face replacing it back to its original position.

Caci also plumps out fine lines and wrinkles replenishing the skin and tightening.

Caci is a very popular treatment in the celebrity world and also at Revitalize.

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All massages available our male clientele